First entertainment token

What is FUNC?

There is nothing like the thrill of playing at your favourite online casino, but of course you can’t always win. The entertainment platform Fun-Casino has come up with a unique way to make sure you’re still a winner, even when you spin and lose. The idea is highly innovative, and thanks to the MIT-licensed Graphene blockchain technology and the decentralised financial trading platform OpenLedger, it has now become a reality! Fun-Casino has partnered with leaders in blockchain technology to create a special token that will deliver a dividend derived from casino earnings each and every month, so that you can always have a piece of the pie – after all, there will always be hungry players out there! In this way we are able to satisfy the desire for new ways of delivering added gains.

The idea seems complex, but is actually rather simple. Fun-Casino has created a digital token called the FUNC. Anyone who holds these tokens will own a slice of Fun-Casino’s income. It’s as simple as that. The only thing you need to do is buy whatever amount of tokens you wish.

Fun have issued 100,000,000 FUNC tokens in total on a dedicated escrow account called reserves.funcasino on the financial trading platform OpenLedger, from which you will be able to buy them from the sell walls created on the market for this purpose.

IMPORTANT! Only FUNC tokens held in the Fun-Casino wallet itself are eligible for monthly dividends. You are, however, always able to trade your FUNC tokens on the OpenLedger wallet and deposit whatever you want to your Fun-Casino wallet.

You will get:
(+ 25,000 TIER 1 Bonus) FUNC
Minimum amount
100 FUNC


Current tier supply

1000000 FUNC
100,000,000 FUNC
initial total supply

Available supply for bulk orders (big investors)

20,000,000 FUNC
Contact for an offer

Fun-Casino monthly Revenue*

March 1 - April 1 1.59 BTC
*Counted since March 1 until April 1 (including) on a monthly basis until the dividends are paid.

Recent orders


Dividends history:

weekly Revenue
Dividends to pay
(30% casino revenue)
03 April 2017 1,59 BTC 0,47 BTC Done
02 March 2017 1.597 BTC 0.471 BTC Done
03 February 2017 -0.35 BTC 0 Done
27 January 2017 0.58 BTC 0.29 BTC Done
20 January 2017 0.06 BTC 0,03 BTC Done
13 January 2017 -0.256 BTC 0 Done
06 January 2017 -0.487 BTC 0 Done
23 December 2016 0.809 BTC 0.4045 Done
16 December 2016 1.688 BTC 0.844 BTC Done
9 December 2016 -0.81 BTC 0 Done
2 December 2016 -7.8447 BTC 0 Done
25 November 2016 -22.109 BTC 0 Done
18 November 2016 -20.348 BTC 0 Done
11 November 2016 -18.387 BTC 0 Done
4 November 2016 -18.460 BTC 0 Done
28 October 2016 -20.341 BTC 0 Done
21 October 2016 -2.639 BTC 0 Done
14 October 2016 2.076 BTC 1.038 BTC Done
07 October 2016 1.394 BTC 0.697 BTC Done
30 September 2016 0.6 BTC 0.3 BTC Done
23 September 2016 -1.2532 BTC 0 BTC Done
16 September 2016 4.55 BTC 2.27 BTC Done

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Profit distribution & ROI

Be the house and make sure you always with Fun-Casino!

All deposited FUNC tokens sent to your Fun-Casino wallet and held there at the time of distribution will take part in the sharing of 30% of the revenues of the Fun-Casino platform, paid to you as a dividend on a monthly basis (2nd date of each month at 2 PM CET)*.

Here is an example of how your profits will be calculated every month:

  • Fun will use 70% of its revenue every month to cover all its costs (White Label royalty, third-party games providers, development, marketing, etc).
  • The remaining 30% will be sent for FUNC dividends.
  • The more FUNC tokens held in your wallet at the time of distribution, the larger slice of the pie you will receive from this remaining 30% of revenues!


  • Suppose that Fun-Casino revenue is 30 BTC and there are 3 FUNC holders.
  • Together these FUNC holders bought 100 FUNCs: 60 belonging to the first holder; 30 to the second; and 10 to the third.
  • The total sum of their dividends is 9 BTC (30% of casino revenue).
  • Each of them will receive a proportion of revenues accordingly. Since the first holder owns 60% of all FUNC assets, he/she will receive 9 BTC x 60% = 5.4 BTC; the second will receive 2.7 BTC; and the last one, 0.9 BTC, reflecting their stake in FUNC tokens.

This is a great opportunity to boost your winnings every month – and the best part of it all is that at the same time you qualify for your monthly dividends, the market value of your FUNC tokens may increase! So what are you waiting for? Get your own slice of the pie and take part in winning on a monthly basis with Fun-Casino!

* In case of the negative revenue on the 2nd date as before, no dividends are paid but your FUNCs still stay on the casino account in the same amount.

As before, in case of a negative revenue, counting period starts from the last distribution day and the negative balance is also summed up to a new month sum.

For example:

Fun-Casino revenue from Feb 1 until March 1 is minus 1 BTC. On the 2nd of March (a distribution day) no dividends are paid since the revenue is negative. It means that a new counting period starts still from Feb 1 until April 1 already. In case in April the revenue is negative again (-2 BTC) we still continue to count from Feb 1. So February and March casino revenue is -3 BTC in total and no dividends are paid.
In case April revenue in positive one (3 BTC), dividends are paid on April 2nd and their sum are equal to (3 – 1 = 2 BTC). Since this time we start count new revenue from the next month, eg. (April 1 – May 1).


  • 1You register at Fun-Casino
  • 2Create your affiliate Profile (choosing Rev Share scheme)
  • 3Start bringing new FUNC players to the casino (using static or dynamic affiliate banners pack)
  • 4Receive your Affiliate commission (a percentage of FUNC revenue from the players involved)
  • 5Your FUNC earnings will be held on your casino account. You can play them increasing their amount or simply receive your every Friday casino dividends!
  • Important!
  • To recieve your BTC dividends you will need to have your OpenLedger account. Here you can find how to register it


You can buy them via fintech platform OpenLedger
For now FUNCs can be bought for Bitshares, Bitcoins or Etherium
You can trade FUNCs via OpenLedger, use them as your investment tool or either play them at Fun-casino
No, FUNCs can’t be withdrawn from the casino as it is not only a coin but also an investment tool
Unsold tokens don’t participate in monthly payouts
All SoftSwiss Card, Roulette and Slot games are Provably Fair
No, you won't. In case of casino monthly 0/negative revenue FUNC holders simply won't recieve any dividends but their FUNCs will stay at their casino accounts.
TIER bonus can be recieved only via Buying your FUNCs from form (and you'll see your TIER bonus amount here even) or via direct purchase from orders on func-distribution OL account for BTS BTC or ETH. Once buying your FUNCs at a lower price from any other sources TIER bonus doesn't wok.
In case of the negative BTC casino revenue for the previous month, it is transferred to the next month and a new renevue is counted for the prevous two months (including the negative one whehe the dividends were not paid).
One week is the dividends payment period, the revenue is counted since Friday until Thursday (included).