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What is FUNCoin

Being a decentralized and blockchain-based token, today FUNCoin occupies its own niche in the crypto market together with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and others.

FUNCoin Token is being rapidly developed and added to more and more cryptocurrency exchanges such as OpenLedger, Livecoin and it’s just the beginning.

What makes FUNCoin special and unique is the possibility to earn on BitShares (BTS) commissions from every FUNCoin blockchain performed transaction for all its ECO system participants.

So being a FUNCoin holder, every month dividends will be sent you (it’s valid for both individual holders and separate projects).

Want to join FUNCoin ECO system? It’s fast and easy!


Circulating Supply

1000000 FUNC
100,000,000 FUNCoin
initial total supply

Available supply for bulk orders (big investors)

20,000,000 FUNC
Contact for an offer

Market Cap. (FUNC sold to public):


Recent orders via website


Dividends history:

Date Weekly Revenue Dividends to pay
(30% revenue)
02 May 2017 3461 FUNCoins 1078 FUNCoins Done
03 April 2017 1,59 BTC 0,47 BTC Done
02 March 2017 1.597 BTC 0.471 BTC Done
03 February 2017 -0.35 BTC 0 Done
27 January 2017 0.58 BTC 0.29 BTC Done
20 January 2017 0.06 BTC 0,03 BTC Done
13 January 2017 -0.256 BTC 0 Done
06 January 2017 -0.487 BTC 0 Done
23 December 2016 0.809 BTC 0.4045 Done
16 December 2016 1.688 BTC 0.844 BTC Done
9 December 2016 -0.81 BTC 0 Done
2 December 2016 -7.8447 BTC 0 Done
25 November 2016 -22.109 BTC 0 Done
18 November 2016 -20.348 BTC 0 Done
11 November 2016 -18.387 BTC 0 Done
4 November 2016 -18.460 BTC 0 Done
28 October 2016 -20.341 BTC 0 Done
21 October 2016 -2.639 BTC 0 Done
14 October 2016 2.076 BTC 1.038 BTC Done
07 October 2016 1.394 BTC 0.697 BTC Done
30 September 2016 0.6 BTC 0.3 BTC Done
23 September 2016 -1.2532 BTC 0 BTC Done
16 September 2016 4.55 BTC 2.27 BTC Done
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Dividends for FUNCoin Holders

Starting from September, every 2nd day of every month (later - randomly) all FUNCoin holders will be paid their dividends from all FUNCoin operations. Thus, since you have at least 1 FUNCoin you or your project also participates in dividends payment.


Let’s imagine on the moment of distribution we have 3 FUNCoin holders and 2 projects operating on FUNCoins also. Total FUNCoin Fee collected from all FUNCoin projects is 30 FUNCoins.

FUNCoin dividends will be paid in the relative proportions depending on the FUNCoins amount every holder/project owns and will be sent to OpenLedger accounts automatically.

Let’s imagine 1st holder owns 5 FUNCoins, 2nd has 10 FUNCoins, 3rd has 20 FUNCoins while one project owns 5 FUNCoins and another one holds 60 FUNCoins. In total, they hold 5+10+20+5+60 = 100 FUNCoins.

So this is how the dividends will be calculated:

  • 1st holder will receive 5/100*30 = 1,5 FUNCoins
  • 2nd holder 10/100*30 = 3 FUNCoins
  • 3rd holder 20/100*30 = 6 FUNCoins
  • 1st project 5/100*30 = 1,5 FUNCoins
  • 2nd project 60/100*30 = 18 FUNCoins

These sums will be sent automatically to the relevant Bitshares accounts of FUNCoin holders on the distribution day.

Join FUNCoin affiliate program

Get 60% of all fees

  • 1 Register your account via OpenLedger.
  • 2 Activate Life Time Membership account subscription.
  • 3 Use link from LTM settings to invite new FUNCoin holders.
  • 4 Earn 60% from all the transaction fees performed by the invited users*

    Apart from ordinary affiliate commissions, receive your 60% Affiliate commission in BTS from every transaction performed by the invited users via OpenLedger. Whatever they trade or send their FUNCoins via OpenLedger fin-tech platform, you earn on the commissions from every transaction!


    Let’s imagine you are FUNCoin affiliate who invited 2 FUNCoin holders – A, B.

    Holder A decided to send his FUNCoins to his friend via OpenLedger and paid 100 BTS fee for the transaction performed. While holder B paid 200 BTS fee for trading via OpenLedger.

    It means you as an affiliate who invited these 2 active users will get 60% from their total fees sum (300 BTS). So, your additional affiliate earnings will be 240 BTS (300*0,8).

  • Gambling projects based on FUNCoins receive LTM for free!


For now you can buy your FUNCoins via OpenLedger fin-tech platform or Livecoin exchange. More exchanges will be added in the future.
Here you can find the detailed tutorial.

Find the step by step instructions here.
Check the description here.
You can buy FUNCoins for BitShares, Bitcoins, Ethereum, Dash and 64 more currencies used on the exchanges.
Yes, you can buy them for USD also via
Any person/project holding over 0 FUNCoins is eligible for being paid FUNCoin Dividends.
Every month ALL FUNCoin holders will be paid their dividends from ALL FUNCoin operations. Thus, since you have at least 1 FUNCoin you or your project also participates in dividends payment.
You can earn extra 60% commission paid from every FUNCoin related operation performed via OpenLedger. See an example.
Just contact us directly on for further details.
You can also play for FUNCoins via Fun-Casino and other gambling projects based on FUNCoins.

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