The key mission of FUNCOIN is to educate on blockchain technologies and engage novices in real-life software development.

The low cost of transactions allows all of us to create smart contracts or copy ready-made ones, as well as build apps and games to test and fiddle with them prior to release.

Thanks to compatibility with EVM Ethereum, it’s possible to transfer completed FUNCOIN-based solutions there.

At the same time, we’ve set up forums bringing together more experienced developers. They share their knowledge and real projects while clearly explaining everything so that you have no question unsolved.

Learn and develop with FUNCOIN, using collective experience of our community members

Smart contracts
Learn how to build and implement smart contracts
Create your own ERC-20 coins and use them in your systems.
dApps & games
Copy or create your high-trust apps and games.
Blockchain that nurtures a community

— FUNCOIN retains the key principles and idea of Ethereum as it was initially put in the EIP150, EIP155 and EIP158 docs.

— FUNCOIN includes a great range of new technologies from other blockchains, including those in their testing phase. This helps keep track of how the technology is developing.

Network ID: 6832

Ticker: FUNC

Algorithm: ETHASH

Reward per block: 2 FUNC

Block finding time: 15 seconds

Compatibility: EVM

Sergey Kononov, Chief Technology Officer, FUNCOIN

“When I started learning and experimenting, I got to see that one of the reasons why people quit learning was their fear of making mistakes.

I encourage beginners to come use FUNCOIN – here, the cost of mistake is almost non-existent!

I encourage experienced developers to come share their knowledge. I believe, when you educate someone, it’s your chance to learn twice.”  


For active participation in the community and education of novices


A peer-to-peer network ensures decentralized data storage


Makes it possible to learn and test solutions for free


The knowledge base is created by the community’s practicing members


Any code is fully compatible with and can be transferred to Ethereum


The use of POW ensures all members are equal

How to start

1. Create a wallet

You’ll need the FUNCOIN wallet to start working with the blockchain, forums, reward withdrawal, and mining.

2. Get coins

You can get FUNCOIN tokens by mining for them on your computing or simply buying.

3. Join the community

Create your account on our forum, sign up for the news, share and use educational materials and cases.

Build teams, change the world!



Developing with FUNCOIN